Apr 2, 2009

My New Diapers Life

Last week, i started my new diapers life in my university.It's so wonderful and great to wearing the Diapers to school, night time and day time.I bought the 7 bags Tena super longlasting, Tena plus,Tena Brief and dispo123.Tena super it very thick and great to wear it.Dispo 123 was not so thick and comfortable as Tena super or Plus.Now, I'm wearing Tena super at night time and Tena plus at day time and Tena Brief during to school.

Now,I'm start my New blog to share my diapers life by the time to time.

Welcome every diapers lover and adult babies come and share and give youyr opinion.

See ya...


  1. Love your blog effort. I love diapers too.
    I like to be punished in diapers. By punished
    I mean to be unable to remove my diaper -- Humm
    not sure that is punishment. At least its being controled in a loving way. Sometimes I have to soak for a while until I get changed.
    I love to be in wet diapers and plastic pants.
    I will keep reading your blog

    Diaper Don

  2. I have experienced the brand Tena.It's really smooth & comfortable also.I just love to wear it all the time.I think now-a-days.....becoming a diaper lover too.

    adult diaper reviews

  3. im in diapers 24/7 i use super molicare overnight heavy padded and holds many wetting's and will not leak